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Integrated Homeless Strategy

Homelessness an Integrated Strategy for Cork, 2009 – 2011 was launched in 2009. The multi agency approach is seen to be both practical and beneficial to those in need of the services. The new Strategy outlines the plans for the next three years to ensure that the level of services provided are adequate to meet the needs of the homeless.

Cork City Council will continue to provide an outreach service to those who are currently availing of the services provided, as well as those who do not avail of the services provided.

During the life of the last strategy an 18 bed Foyer for 18-25 year olds operated by Cork City Council was opened and is now fully operational.

An integrated IT strategy has also been put in place which comprises of LINK, a client tracking system with a comprehensive reporting function and Hostels On-line which provides daily vacancy information and a printed and on line directory of services.

The main objective of the homeless strategy is the prevention and the breaking of the cycle of homelessness and a focus on the longer-term needs of the homeless through the provision of long term housing options for the homeless. The support services that are required to enable such projects to succeed have also been put in place.

Integrated Strategy on Homelessness in Cork 2005-2007 (PDF)(475KB)

Lord Mayor launches Integrated Strategy on Homelessness in Cork 2009-2011

An Integrated Strategy for Homelessness 2009 - 2011 was launched on Friday 24th April 2009 by the Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. Brian Bermingham.

Welcoming the new Strategy, Lord Mayor Cllr. Brian Bermingham said the new plan demonstrated the continuing commitment of all of the agencies represented on the Cork Homeless Forum to tackling the homelessness issue. The Lord Mayor stated

“I am particularly pleased to see that City Council will spend close to €4 million this year in providing and supporting accommodation for the homeless.  It is important that best value is obtained in spending this money and the Integrated Strategy will ensure this.

The partnership approach adopted to date by all the major stakeholders involved in homelessness has, and will continue to ensure, an integrated approach to preventing and ending homelessness in Cork City.”

The new strategy document takes account of the aims and objectives of the new Government Strategy for Homelessness which was launched by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government in 2008. The strategy will focus on ensuring that no person remains in emergency accommodation for more than six months in line with the objectives of Towards 2016 and will place an emphasis on the prevention of homelessness.

The strategy also places a greater emphasis on the ultimate goal of long term housing by aiming to provide suitable long term accommodation options for homeless persons.

This strategy focuses on assisting people out of homelessness through education and training.

The strategy was developed after a detailed consultation process involving the voluntary agencies, the housing authorities, the health service executive, the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government and the homeless people of Cork themselves.

The strategy sets out the long term vision for ending homelessness in the Cork area and aims to provide guidance and support to homeless persons in the Cork area by introducing more effective structures, review mechanisms and improving the collection and sharing of information.

In conclusion the Lord Mayor stated “I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of the statutory agencies in particular the Health Service Executive, the Gardaí and the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. It is also an opportune time to again recognise the extraordinary contribution of the Voluntary Agencies to tackling the challenge of homelessness, though it has been said many times in the past, I want to say again that it would be impossible to meet that challenge without the support of the Voluntary Sector.

Integrated Strategy on Homelessness in Cork 2009-2011 (PDF)(1,133KB)

Integrated Strategy on Homelessness in Cork 2005-2007 in HTML format(54KB)

Cork Homelessness Directory 2006 - 2007(595KB)

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